In dialogue with
Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, and the exhibition The Promise, and in collaboration with Det Gror i Betongen, Gulliga Föreningen & Vinicius Santiago, in Hjulsta a sunny day June 2017.


A 30 minutes blindfold and sonorous procession parading between the subway station of the Million Program housing area of Hjulsta, to a hilltop bronze age burial ground overlooking the large scale projectation of a major higway cluster, throughout one of the Green Wedges called Järvafältet in the city of Stockholm*. The starting- and  end point of the blindfolded procession was ritually saluted by fanfres performed on bronze chimes and traditional birch horn respectively, by Roberto N Peyre.

The procession passed through, and was later concluded at, the urban guerilla alottment Det Gror i Betongen/Gulliga Folkrörelsen where the project was given a short presentation and contextual frameworking, and further the assisting carnival activist Vinicus Santiago presented himself  and shared some thoughts of his experiences of community based processional musicality teached in the carnivalschools of Rio De janeiro.

After this followed a brief presentation of Det Gror i Betongen/Gulliga Folkrörelsen, the founders and organisers Rafael Altez Calderon & Damir Radovic, and their community work with perma culture, youth programs,  and awareness of the biotope of the area.

The walk, talk, and performance was concluded with a short reading by Roberto N Peyre, of a chapter about  city planning, chronotopes, spatiality of temporality, and the alhemical history of congcrete in Peter Lamborn Wilsons “Green Hermeticism”, before a communal cooking and dinner made up of fresh vegetables from the alottment.

*Green Wedges