Roberto N Peyre´s installations and performances are staged as specific interventions emphasising an actual situation of trapping, possession, or offering, where poetic excess serves key to notions of the sacred, or hyperstition. Whether the artworks involve minute recordings, carefully arranged objects, dresses, scents, processions, or social interactions, were we are lured to become biotope first, by accident and intuition.

Peyre is of transatlantic origin, at the moment stranded in Stockholm. He has been living, creating and researching various poetic materialities, powers and performativities within aural visual cultures and related politicalities since the 90s. Peyre´s artworks has been experienced at numerous events and institutions such as Moderna Museet (Sv), Kiasma (Fi), Bonniers Konsthall(Sv), Heine Onstad Kunst Center (No), GIBCA, IMT Gallery (UK), Nordin Gallery(Sv), Ghetto Biennale (Haiti), alongside random public spaces.  Peyre is currently engaged as project manager at Konsthall C(Sv), coordinating Curator at Ghetto Biennale in Port au Prince, and a board member of Fylkingen(Sv).  Roberto studied Fine Art, Aural Visuals Cultures & Critical Theory at Goldsmiths - University of London.