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2015-16 Modernist Legacies & Constructions of Whiteness, Postgraduate. Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.
2008-09 Goldsmiths - University of London, Visual & Aural Cultures, MA, UK.
1997-00 Goldsmiths - University of London, Fine Art - Studio Practice & Critical Theory, BFA (Hons), UK.
1995-97 Gerlesborg School of Art,, Stockholm.
1993-1995 BASIS School of Art, Stockholm.
1992-93 Steneby School of Crafts, Metal crafts, Dalslånged.
1991-92 Philosophy & Archeology (diploma courses), Gothenburg University.

Selected Employments

2024 Admissin committee - Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. 2021-23 Fylkingen - Member of board and production group. 2021 Curation and project management, Summer Pavillion, Konsthall C, Stockholm. 2018/20 Member of advisory committee - Stockholm Culture Administration 2020 Coordinating curator Ghetto Biennale, Port au Prince, Haiti. 2013/14 Curating Fetish Modernity - Serial Talks, Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm. 2014 Co-produce and co-curate Parklek Hallonbergen by Kerstin Bergendal in collaboration with Marabouparken Kunsthall for Sundbyberg Stad. 2011/12 Curate exhibition and artprogram Xism in dialog with exhibition ”Vodou” at Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.

Selected Exhibitions/Public Artworks

2023 ”Jan l pase l pase , mache nap mache” & ”Veve Kunigundis”, RISING, Festival of music & arts, Melbourne, Australia. 2023 ”INSIDE YOU THERE IS” Co-performance, Weld, Stockholm. 2022 ”DRÄKT”  Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus, Stockholm. 2022 Labryo - Installation & Performance, Accelerator Konsthall, Stockholm. 2022 ”SonAxis” - Installation & performance, part of  Behold we are here, Lunds Konsthall. 2022 ”Lövaman” - Performance, Venedig Biennale, Italy. 2022 ”Labryo”- Performance & installation, Weld, Stockholm. 2022  ”J’ann pase l’pase - Mache nap mache” & ”Veve Kunigundis” - Installation & performance, Documenta 15, Kassel, Germany. 2021 ”Labryo” Performance & installation, Banankompaniet, Weld, Stockholm. 2021 ”SonAxis”  Performance & installationsverk comissined by Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm. 2021 ”Publikmusik #1” Performance  in collaboration with Marcus Doverud, Weld, Stockholm. 2020 SonAxis, (Upcoming) public artwork, comissioned by Ethnographic Museum of Stockholm. 2020 Publikmusik #1, (Upcoming) Weld, Stockholm. 2020 Publikmusik #1, Specific festival, SITE/CCAP, Hallen, Stockholm. 2020 Lövaman, Heine Onstad Kunstcenter, Oslo, Norge.  2020 That ol Gully Swag Breeze Twin Thing part of Cheer Up! Hangmen Projects, Stockholm. 2019 Lövaman, Studio Gardini, Venice. 2018 The Lycantropic Choir, workshop/Installation/performance, Biologiska Museets vänner, Eric Ericssonkyrkan, Stockholm. 2018 The Lycantropic Choir, workshop/Installation/performance, Fylkingen, Stockholm. 2017 The Lie, performance & samtal, Galleri Index i Stockholm. 2017 Labros, installation/performance, Havreboden Konsthall i Boden. 2017 Den Lycantropiska Kören, workshop/Installation/performance, Husby Konsthall, Stockholm. 2016 Dancing Plague/Tanzplage, Installation/scenografi/performance , Sophiensaale i Berlin, samt SKOGEN i Göteborg. 2015 Lövaman, Installation & Performance, RYMD Konstrum, Stockholm. 2015 Lövaman Installation och performance part of Crack - Fumetti Dirompenti, Forte Prenestino, Rome. 2014 Ship of Fools, videoinstallation part of 15th International Bakhtin Conference, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm. 2014 Voltigeur - For Nordic Youth, part of Obliteration Device, IMT Gallery, London. 2014 Dancing Plauge performanceföreläsning och screening på SKOGEN, Göteborg. 2014 Dancing Plauge, performanceföreläsning och screening, WELD, Stockholm. 2013 Lövaman, part of Muscle Temple, Galleri 0047, Oslo. 2013 Pase nap Pase, performance och installation, 3rd GhettoBiennale, Port au Prince, Haiti. 2013 Ship of Fools & Lövaman - A Gully Swag Breeze, part of AnarKrew , GIBCA, Göteborgs Konsthall. 2013 Blad från Mun, part of  Ett med naturen, Fullerstagård, Stockholm. 2012 Lövaman, part of  20 RUE JACOB, Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, Finland. 2012 BanbhaMoira, installation för There is not, and has never been anything to understand - A Plastique Fantastique Groupshow, ASC Gallery, London. 2012 Lövaman, Gagnef Festival, Sverige. 2011 Drop out Launch, part of After Art: Lee Lozano at Moderna, Stockholm. 2011 OKIPASYON & Traces of Tomorrow, 2nd Ghetto Biennale, Port au Prince, Haiti. 2009 Ship of Fools, 1st Ghetto Biennale, audiovisual live performance w. local musicians, Port au Prince, Haiti. 2008 Lovaman, part of Botnik Space off #2, Botnik Studios, Gerlesborg, Sverige. 2008 Ship of Fools, videoinstallation Nordin Gallery, Stockholm. 2007 Ship of Fools (Zonbi Gaze), part of Samba Arkitektur, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden. 2007 Doesnt Matter What  U Say, part of Contagion,  WELD, Stockholm. 2006 For Ta-Peret, Liljevalchs Konsthall, audiovisual live performance & installation with live music by Leo Brimberg and Valter Kinbom, Stockholm.

Selected comissions, lectures, competitions, etc

2023 Art, activism & research - lecture and talk, Stockhom Uni. of Arts. 2023 Atavistic Resugence - Lecture, talk and workshop in Aural cultur, Royal Institute of Arts 2021 SonAxis - Lecture and talk, Masterclass, University of Arts, Crafts & Design. 2020 Artist presentation - Lecture/talk, The annual Higher Interdisciplinary Semniar, University of Södertörn 2019/20 SonAxis, public artwork, Ethnographic Museum of Stockholm. 2019 Co-curating two full day events with Biologiska Museets Vänner 2018 Co-curating art program for major live music and club complex Kvarteret, Stockholm 2015 co-curete groupshow Du är redan här, RYMD Konstrum, Stockholm. 2015 Konsten att välja sida, lecture at Royal College of Art, Stockholm. 2015 Om Konst och Etnografi, lecture at University of Arts Craft & design, Stockholm. 2015 From Sweden with love - filmprogram at Echo Park Film Center, participet in screening program, Los Angeles. 2015 XClub #6 - Call To Mind Co-produce and co-curate talk, performance and screening with artist Gunvor Nelsson with Filmform Foundation at Fylkingen, Stockholm 2014 Co-produce and co-curate exhibition Parklek Hallonbergen for artist Kerstin Bergendals with Marabouparken Konsthall, Stockholm. 2014 Curating Seminare Stockholm Zombie Syndrome in collaboration with IASPIS at Konsthall C with performance event XClub#5 at Resturant Marie Leveau, Stockholm. 2014 Rapture>Record>Screen , föreläsning/performance på SKOGEN, Göteborg. 2014 Rapture>Record>Screen, performance lecture at WELD, Stockholm. 2014 Lövaman, Residency/installation/Performance with Muscle Temple at Galleri 0047, Oslo. 2013/14 curating Fetish Modernity - Serial Talks, Etnografiska Museet, Stockholm. 2013 Weekend Otherworld lecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. 2012 His Foolship, lecture at art school Idun Lovén, London. 2012 Curating XClub #3,  consert and talk with Hafler Trio at Konsthall C, Stockholm. 2012 Curating XClub #2, Screenings and club at Konsthall C, Stockholm. 2011/12 curating exhibition and art program Xism in dialog with ethnografic exhibition ”Vodou” at Ethnografic Museum of Stockholm. 2008 Curating arts festival Pixelvärk, Koppartältet in Haga park & Berns 2:35-1 , Stockholm. 2007 Curating festivale arts Pixelvärk, Mosebacke Kägelbanan &  Berns 2:35-1, Stockholm. 2007 Curating art festival ANIMOTION, Cinema Zita, Stockholm. 2006 Curating festival ANIMOTION, Cinema Park & Allmänna Galleriet, Stockholm.

Selected video performance
2022 LaNoche Visuals Video performance, Fylkingen, Stockholm. 2019 Weirdest Dream & Peaking Lights, Fashing, Stockholm. 2018 Traces of Tomorrow - video performance, Ghetto Biennale - The Catalogue release party, London. 2015 LaNoche Visuals with livemusik by Dungeon Acid at festival Crack - Fumetti Dirompenti, Forte Prenestino, Rome. 2012 LaNoche Visuals, Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet, Stockholm. 2012 Mäster Olof Cut-Ups, video performance at iDEAL Records 10th anniversiry, Rönells Antikvariat, Stockholm. 2012 LaNoche Visuals with livemusik by SKLS (Joachim Nordwall & Henrik Rylander), Konsthall C, Stockholm. 2012 LaNoche Visuals with live musik by Dungeon Acid, Konsthall C, Stockholm. 2011 LaNoche Visuals with livemusik by SKLS (Joachim Nordwall & Henrik Rylander), VOLT festival, Uppsala Art & Conference, Uppsala, Sweden 2010 LaNoche Visuals with livemusic by Träd, Gräs och Stenar, Kulturhuset. 2010 LaNoche Visuals, Klubb KRAFT, Göteborg. 2009 LaNoche Visuals with livemusik by Träd, gräs och stenar, Gotland tour. 2009 LaNoche Visuals, Klubb KRAFT, Göteborg. 2009  LaNoche Visuals with livemusic by The Skull Defects, Riche, Stockholm. 2009 LaNoche Visuals, Propaganda, Stockholm. 2008 LaNoche Visuals, Klubb KRAFT, Göteborg. 2008 Ship of Fools - K Naval Melt, video performance with music by Jean Louis Huhta, WELD, Stockholm.  2007 LaNoche Visuals, Pixelachi Festival, KIASMA, Helsingfors. 2007 LaNoche Visuals, Pixelvärk Festival, Södra Teatern, Stockholm. 2007 LaNoche Visuals with live music bu Träd, gräs och stenar & No Neck Blues Band (NY), Fylkingen, Stockhom, 2007 LaNoche Visuals, Klubb KRAFT, Göteborg. 2006 För Ta-Peret, video performance, Liljevalchs Konsthall with live music by Leo Brimberg and Valter Kinbom, Stockholm. 2006 LaNoche Visuals, Gagnef Festival (Skankaloss), Sverige.

Selected courses & seminars

2023 Skogen, Interdisciplinary research seminar, The Nordic Museum. 2016/17 Modernist Legacies & Constructions of Whiteness, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.  2014 Gränsytor, two day seminar, The Museum of History, Stockholm. 2013 Practice International, IASPIS, weekend seminar, Stockhom. 2010 Mycoreography & Inpex presents Franco Berardi, one week seminar, Stockhom Uni. of Arts.

Selected Publications and reviews

2023 Drawing Analogies - Diagrams in Art, Theory & Practice. Bloomsbury Visual Arts (ISBN 9781350334731) 2023 Documenta  15 - Paletten Journal. 2023 BEHOLD, WE ARE HERE - Camera Austria. 2017 Ghetto Biennale / Geto Byenal 2009‐2015, Central Books ( ISBN13/Barcode: 9781999864705).
2004 DELEUZE, Aiolos & Glänta (ISBN 978-91-86133-18-4).

Selected Grants

2023 The Swedish Arts Grant Commitee: Travel/International exchange 2023 The Swedish Arts Grant Commitee: Travel/International exchange. 2022 The Swedish Arts Grant Commitee: One year work-grant 2020 The Swedish Arts Grant Commitee: Travel/International exchange. 2020  Stockholm Culture Administration: Studiogrant. 2019 The Swedish Arts Grant Commitee: One year work-grant 2018 Ax:son Johnsson: Travel grant 2018 The Swedish Arts Grant Commitee: Travel/International exchange. 2017 Stockholm Culture Administration: Studiogrant.