Performed at, and comissioned by, Havremagasinet Konsthall, Boden, Sweden, in dialogue with artist and scholar John Cussans (UK)
January 2017.

The sonorous performance accompanying the overall working in Boden was sound artist Carl Sjölund in the guise of  Cold Heart Investment AB. Late hours Dj-Sets was conducted by Sara Fors and the artist Roberto N Peyre himself.


Labryos is a four act ritual 24hr endurance performance and installation of a dance floor, where a space (in this case Havremagasinet Konsthall - the former fodder storage for the Swedish cavalery in the northernmost outpost of Sweden) is measured, mapped, and trapped by the drawing up of a so called Troy Town - the classical Minoan Labyrinth, originally called Labryos in Greek.

The actual drawing is made by the artist conducting a sports field line marker filled up with white marble garvel. The four acts consist in a measure and clensing act, a drawing act, a walking and invoking act, an euphoric dancing and destruktion act, and a containing cleaning act. All four acts are accompanied by sonorous and musical improvisation live or prerecorded.

The working is part of the artists ongoing research and body (building) of workings engaged with various notions, strategies and possessions of European cultural heritages, geographies, and migratory patterns. The Troy town labyrint with its related dances, games, and further legacies of Troy, is a key trope in many a ethnogeneric/ ethnogenesis narrative of Europeaness. This can be seen throughout both Archeological and Historical (the academic disciplines) accounts alongside popular notions of cultural heritage such as folkloric crafts, live roleplaying, sub-/yourh cultures (such as Skinhead cultures), Political (in particular Fascist and Nazi) emblema, mythological and religious symbolisms, as well as in digital techno culture memes and viruses, etc.