Jann pase’l pase  >>  Mache nap mache (XKlub #5)

Social sculpture, installation, and immersive and interactive performance consisting in a block party centered around a pink runaway/catwalk open for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood St Claire/Grand Rue, the general public and the artists of the Ghetto Biennale 2018. The catwalk was  accompanied by a soundsystem combining the acid techno of Artist Dungeon Acid, with local devotioal Vodou drummer Claude Santulus. For the event a set of posters, signs, and flyers were created exposed in down town Port au Prince, Haiti, 2013. 

The artwork was created with Swedish/Hong kong artist Joyce Ip as a BLOT project, together with Jean Louis Huta as Dungeon Acid and Nanna Dalunde under the guise of XKLUB

Jann pase’l pase  - Mache nap mache, poster 2013