For Ta-Peret (Tabiry)
One evening with a dual screen audiovisual live video performance & installation. Live music performance by Valter Kinbom & Leo Brimberg aka Leoparden.
Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, 2006.

The artwork is a seven-chapter audiovisual score corresponding to the seven souls of humankind, within classic Egyptian kosmology. The artwork operates as a memoir, portrait, invocation and call for a missing personage possibly long gone somewhere in Stockholm.

The background story is that the so called “Grand Sacrophagus” at display in the foyer of  The Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm once contained a the  remains of an Egyptian woman, now lost. The sacophagus once given as a token of diplomacy by the Ottoman Empire attache based in Stockholm to the Queen Victoria of Sweden, as described by the detailed declarations of the Swedish customs officers, contained a perfect mummy. The mummy and the sarcophagus are carefully depicted lit de parade throughout interior design drawings portraying the Egyptian Cabinet of the Royal Castle of Stockholm. The drawings are archived at the National Museum of Stockholm.

In the beginning of the millenium, new research performed by the Egyptologists at the Uppsala University in Sweden discovered that the mummy of the Grand Sarcofagus was of Royal heritage. Her royal title was Ta-Peret (Tabiry). In casual dialogue with one Egytologists of Uppsala University, I was told that the Mummy most likely could have been lost throughout the years when in the hands of masonic fraternities, and possibly part of various religious rituals. It could also well be that the mummy was used to make "mummy powder". A common popular medicament at the time, traded and sold at drug stores up till the late 1940s in Scandinavia.

The live manipulated filmic material of the audiovisual performance For Tabiry contains of documentary footage depicting handling of the aforementioned drawings, depictions of the Swedish royal castle, of the so called High Guard Military parade of the Stockholm Castle ("Vaktparaden"), extracts from numerous so called "Mummy" horror movies, filtered and twisted throughout series of graphic permutations.