Banbah Moira Transmissons

A ritualistic installation and perfomrmance in collaboration with artist, writer & scholar John Cussans (UK) for  “There is not, and has never been anything to understand - A Plastique Fantastique Group Show”, ASC Gallery, London, 2012. 

Artwork consist in the baby chalk line drawing of a veve-like sigilla ritually conceived by the duo at the Cross Bone cementary next to the gallery space.

The night before  the opening of exibition the sigilla was drawn and danced upon in a Northern Soul sucsession, where proper characteristic Northern Soul spinning, characteristic baby chalked floor included,  was teached by Cussans, an original 70s Wigan Casino youth, to the artist Roberto N Peyre who joined the Northern Scene in the early 90s. The drawing and dancing was filmed from above, and from the moment of the opening projected at the exact location of the filmings, during the three weeks of exhibition. 

Their shared interest in transatlanti bio- and geopolitics, afrodiasporic syncretisms, radical esoteric ritualisms,  the revolutionary unconscious, and decolonial process. This all found common ground in the artists cross wireing of narratives and history from below written by the prostetutes, colonial subjects, and unwanted children of Cross Bone Cementary, Haitian revolutionary Vodou ritualisms, the prehistorical tropes of the almost forgotten first inhabitants of Britain (according to Irish annals and recent genetic science) - The Queen Banbah, a daughter of Africa, alongside modernist youth- and subculturalisms of working class alliance with black power emancipation.

The workings revel in transatlantic mythopoesis staging contemporary unique empowerments and sensous, somatic transmissions ready to possess. 

Soundtrack: Spirit, by Third Point